0&I, free software, 2016

0&I is a computer software, freely downloadable and installable by the user-viewer on his computer.

This software creates a discreet but permanent modification of the way the computer works. The software changes the blinkrate of the cursor in any program in which the user can type data (Microsoft Word, for example). The rate is slowed down to the same number of breaths of an adult human body per minute.

The cursor is considered as one a precise entry point between two realities : the analog one and the virtual one, just after the "physical world" and just before the "data world". By slowing down a digital rhythm and adapting it to a natural human rhythm, the artist questions the increasingly tight relation between « natural » and « digital » occurring nowadays.

Click here to download O&I (only for Mac OS X above 10.5)

Many thanks to Loïc Raucy for his precious help