Eis Dolomiti, learning process, free ice-cream, 2019

A retired italian ice-cream maker taught to the artist one of his recipes. This recipe hadn't been prepared since 10 years, when he closed his shop.

This knowledge and technique has been learned and re-made by the artist, making 300 pots of ice-cream prior the opening. During the show, a freezer full of ice-creams was on display, and every visitor was invited to grab a pot and taste the ice-cream. The taste-experience is finalizing the whole process.

Focusing on its immaterial aspect, the artist questions the idea of transmission and reactivation of private/personal knowledge. The ice-creams become small time-and-knowledge sculptures: their difficult conservation, always ending up melting, become a symbol of the whole problematic of knowledge perpetuation, transmission and loss.

Eis Dolomiti on display
Free ice-creams in the exhibition.
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